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Karen’s Experience :

The author has experienced OA in both hips, knees and lower back. With a THR, total hip replacement on the right hip. During a period of years, not only does the author believe these procedures (as found through out this website) are successful, but she is also living proof that they are.

Few 30 to 50 year-old women suffer from osteoarthritis, according to research. Typically, it is the generation older than 65.

Combining weight loss, exercise, and physical therapy is beneficial, with many positive outcomes.

Since 2015, the author (a woman in her mid-40s) has become an outstanding elite athlete by cycling, performing cardio & strength exercises, swimming and walking, averaging 15 miles each day while loosing over 200 pounds in weight.

According to experts, there is a significant likelihood that a person would be confined to a wheelchair in absent of physical treatment, if these measures are not done. As a highly-motivated individual, and as an inspiration to others, these measures are key to keep moving and staying mobile.

The objective of osteoarthritis therapies is to eliminate joint discomfort, reduce pain, and enhance daily physical function. The goal is to relieve symptoms and restore function and improve quality of life.

  • Keep Moving IS Key

  • Find the Balance in between physical activity and flare up’s or pain
  • Change the way you think about food – Watch what you Eat

40+ yrs
500 Mil…

500 Million people are affected with OA. Not many females in their 40’s…

The Best ways to Stay Mobile