Improves Joint cartilage quality and muscular coordination

Strengthening activities are very beneficial for boosting function and lowering pain in OA, according to high-quality research findings.21

Cardio-based exercises, which include muscle strengthening, can improve cartilage quality, nerve activation, and muscular coordination.2b

Land-based exercises reduce pain, suffering, and deficiencies while improving physical function.22

Several studies indicate that land-based activities conducted on the ground can aggravate joint pain and increase the risk of falling. 10

Both aquatic and terrestrial exercise have beneficial effects on pain, physical function, knee extension, muscle strength, and walking ability. Nordic poles support gait and balance while walking. It is recommended that you walk at least 6,000 steps per day. This aids in preventing the development of functional impairments in patients with knee osteoarthritis or at risk for the condition.23

Walking assists the joints in supporting body weight. Walking can also aid in the absorption and distribution of weight over the hip and knee joints, hence improving stability and mobility.2b